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syragon 2003/4 Winter Edition- Remembrance

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...born February 6, 1984 in Montana, U.S.A. Graduated correspondence course High School at age 16 (February 2000). Finished the year at an academy in Oklahoma and took a two week mission trip to Roatan Island. Attended Community College in Montana, 2000/2001 while living on my own. Developed an interest in Southern Adventist University for Computer Science and attended there 2001/2002. Came to Canada for a visit summer 2002 and moved there (romeo meets juliet). In and out of Canada several times 2002/2003. Considered attending SAU again but came back January 2003 for juliet. The plot thickens. Summer 2003 I visit Florida. Upon returning I get a new job (sofware developer). Stuff is lost. I get my own apartment. Life sets a new course, freedom.

Art History:

I nvolved in drawing/sketches/sculptures from an early age. Began taking lessons around age 6. Learned from various artists skills in oils, acrylics, pastels, water-colors, charcoals, drawing, sketching, general art principles. No formal art education. Began digital art exploration around 1997 when a friend lent me a Corel CD. Didn't get deeply involved until 2000 when I started making wallpaper tiles. The rest is history. 3D soon fascinated me, Giger became an inspiration, and I found my favorite art medium: the computer.

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